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About Us - Senior Coalition

The Senior Coalition of Solano County is a volunteer based advisory body to the Solano County Board of Supervisors. As such we:

  • Provide advice and recommendations to the Board of Supervisors regarding the adoption and implementation of Board policies and actions that may be necessary in order to accomplish the Coalition’s purposes;
  • Provide a forum for interagency cooperation and coordination of efforts designed to improve and enrich the lives of seniors;
  • Promote public awareness of the issues affecting seniors and the resources available;
  • Recommend improvements in services affecting seniors;
  • Encourage and facilitate community support for seniors; and
  • Establish priorities in order to facilitate better integration of senior services within Solano County.

Mission: The mission of the Coalition is to advocate for and support efforts that improve and enrich the lives of seniors living and working in Solano County.

Vision: The Senior Coalition holds a vision for Solano County as a place where seniors are healthy, safe and secure, share their skills and experience, and are valued and celebrated for their wisdom and contributions.

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Values: We value inclusion, wellness, respect, safety and leadership.

  • Inclusion: The Coalition reflects the rich ethnic, cultural, and religious diversity of Solano County without regard to sexual orientation.
  • Wellness: The Coalition promotes the physical and mental health efforts that lead to self-sufficiency and the personal well-being of seniors.
  • Respect: The Coalition ensures its efforts value the personal dignity of seniors.
  • Safety: The Coalition brings together and successfully engages people and organizations who impact the quality of life for seniors.
  • Leadership: The Coalition provides guidance and recommendations on senior issues to the Board of Supervisors.